2023 Hickory Priest CBC

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2022 CBC Lake Count

The Hickory-Priest CBC, covering an area east of Nashville, was held on January 1, 2023.  Twenty-six (26) birders in 4 parties tallied 98 species. This is slightly above the mid-low 90s average for this count. Mild weather - morning fog giving way to balmy skys, plus good participation made for a successful count. No

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2022 Fall Count Results

The 2022 Fall Count Results NTOS conducts bird counts in the spring and fall as well as participates in the annual Audubon Christmas bird counts. Everyone is invited to help out. For information on spring and fall counts contact Barbara Harris – and to help with the Christmas count contact Cyndi Routledge

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NTOS will participate in Audubon's 122nd annual Christmas Bird Count once again this year!!   Our 'land' count will take place on Saturday, December 18th and the 'lake' count on January 1, 2022. If you're interested in participating in one or both counts please contact Cyndi Routledge - and she'll make it happen. It's

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